Stylization, irony and very honest eyes of the characters - these qualities of the works presented in the exhibition of Hanna Konopelko are perceived at once and speak a lot about the creative style of the young artist.

The exhibition "Bon appetit!" - Hanna's first attempt to open up to the viewer. In the artistic space she creates there is everything - from the magic to the harsh realities of the world. The main characters - one of the most defenseless and innocuous creatures - hares-rabbits. They are naked in front of this world, they are not even covered with their fluffy fur coats, they are easily and deeply vulnerable. But, being at any moment someone's prey, with all clarity and honesty in their eyes, some of them are ready to "taste" their own kind. Others suffer from indigestion, which is prejudice for them. And others soar in dreams - "Sweet World, or Flying Hares."

Ironic, but at the same time somewhat naive and very touching reality... And every time I want to smile. Let's not forget that the art of irony is born of a unique property of human nature - a sense of humor, the ability to laugh.